You'll find two principal types of stream review found in the UK, River Area Review (RCS) and Water Habitat Review (RHS). Please join us for the Third Annual Bolton Watershed Online Community for your villages of Bolton, Coventry and Vernon. The forum will soon be used on October 27, 2016 at 7 PM 222 Bolton Heart Road, at Bolton Town Area, Bolton. For that third-year, the Friends of Bolton Wetlands (FBL) are joining together inhabitants, city distributors and nonprofit organizations to master about and examine the activities in process to improve & keep the Bolton Wetlands as well as their surrounding watershed.

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Morts Astley Trust - Wigan - survey in grounds of listed building. Springfield Ltd - Fylde - Great Crested Newt review on contaminated property. Fuels Ltd - Fylde, Lancashire - Great Crested Newt study and home survey for planning proposition. MBC - Greater Manchester, Bury - mitigation and Great Crested Newt review and checking on Kids' Center improvement website.